The Abilympics Expert Club held the first meeting

Representatives of Abilympics National Centre of the Russian Federation, Russian and foreign Abilympics experts, organizers of the 8th IA (South Korea) and 9th IA (France) as well as IAF Secretariat took part in the meeting, at which the issues of the judging system at IAs and criteria of judges’ selection were discussed.

The Head of Abilympics National Centre of the Russian Federation Igor Gribanov opened the meeting with the welcoming speech.

The Head of the Federal Methodical Centre for Inclusive Education, IAF EXCO Russian representative Dina Makeeva proposed to create a unified Register of international judges per contest category in order to make the selection of the 10th IA international judges easier.

The representatives from South Korea and France shared their experience on selecting the international judges.

Chairman of the Culinary Association “Vkus mira RUS”, chief expert of the Cooking (team work) contest category, coach of the Abilympics team Russia, coordinating judge of the 10th IA Vladimir Oleynikov and General Director of LLC “International Center for Training and Development of Massage Therapists” Olga Amcheslavskaya brought into the view the problematic issues which may arise during the judging at IAs, and suggested ways to solve them.

All the participants of the meeting will be forwarded the Minutes of the meeting with the letter ballot form in regards with the issues of the organization and implementation of the IAs. The voting results will be announced at the next meeting of the Abilympics Expert Club on March 15, 2022.