Abilympics Expert Club Starts Working

Abilympics Expert Club was established upon the proposal of the Head of the Federal Methodical Centre for Inclusive Education (FMCIE), IAF EXCO member, Ph.D. in Economics Dina Makeeva and the Vice Rector of Federal Institute for the Development of Vocational Education and Training (FIDVET), the Head of the Abilympics National Centre of the Russian Federation Igor Gribanov at the 38th IAF EXCO meeting. The goal of the Club is to create the common approach to holding the International Abilympics so that the process of preparation and holding the IA could be simplified.

Abilympics national experts from Russia, international experts from Côte d'Ivoire, Trinidad and Tobago, Philippines, France, Lebanon, Armenia, Taiwan, Finland, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, and IAF Secretariat (Japan) will take part in the first meeting of the Abilympics Expert Club.

Six national experts, IAF Secretariat (Japan), Abilympics France (the organizers of the 9th IA), and the experts from Philippines made proposals for the agenda.

It is planned to discuss the judging approach at the IA and the criteria for selecting the international judges at the meeting.