The 8th National Conference on Disability in India was held from December 17 to 18, 2021.

Igor Gribanov, Head of the Abilympics National Centre of the Russian Federation made a welcoming speech and expressed his hopes to meet at 10th IA in 2022.

Dina Makeeva, Head of the Federal Methodical Centre for Inclusive Education, member of the IAF EXCO told about the development of the Abilympics movement in Russia. Ms. Makeeva also invited colleagues from India to exchange experience and participate in the development of the business program of the 10th IA.

Marina Nevskaya, Chairwoman of the Translator contest category of the National Abilympics in Russia shared the experience of employment of persons with disabilities from among the participants and winners of the National Abilympics championships in Russia.

A number of the following issues were discussed:

● How to create awareness to increase outreach of Abilympics in India.

● Engagement of Government bodies for promoting Abilympics in rural India.

● Roadmap for providing training to PwDs participating in International Abilympics 2022.

The event was organized by the Sarthak Educational Trust.